Finally, a Sheer-ish Lip Tint That Won’t Leave Your Lips High and Dry

Rachel Krause


This might be a controversial thing for a beauty editor to say, but I occasionally wonder (only in my head, never aloud) how many new, innovative lip product formulas there are left to be made. What could possibly be out there that doesn’t already exist? Creamy, high-pigmented matte lipsticks, lush, shiny glosses with actual staying power, balmy stains that leave lips hydrated rather than zapped of moisture—we’ve got ’em all and more. Many, many more.

But as someone who loves lip color—someone who hoards it, who could spend hours meandering around a Sephora or Bergdorf Goodman or an Ulta swiping each and every lipstick onto the backs of my hands in turn, on the constant prowl for the perfect red or nude or berry—I’m always delighted to be proven wrong. Lipstick Queen Saint & Sinner Lip Tint ($24, available at Space.NK in the coming weeks) instantly appealed to me for that reason: It sounded different.

lipstick queen saint and sinner lip tint Finally, a Sheer ish Lip Tint That Wont Leave Your Lips High and Dry

I should note that I’m a pretty tough customer, because I hate the feeling of heavy, creamy moisturizing lipsticks and prefer the feel and coverage of lip stains for everyday wear, but I’m also prone to desert-dry lips that don’t play well with most stain formulas. This lip tint stains for sure, but it also feels silky and hydrating going on, kind of like a lip oil—in fact, it contains something dubiously called Lip Repair Lipid. (I do not know what that entails, but I have chosen to believe in it.) It has plenty of pigment but leaves lips just flushed with color at first, then can be built upon.

Perhaps most notably—and most excitingly!—it has a truly unique texture because it applies wet and really seems to sink into lips after a few minutes rather than simply coating them. Unlike most stains, it takes a bit to dry, so you’re not totally screwed if you suddenly experience a hand tremor and go way out of line. (I can personally attest to that.) I’ve been wearing it in Wine, a rich, wearable berry shade that’s ridiculously flattering on my very pale complexion.

I like how natural the finish is with the lip tint: I don’t look like I’m wearing lip color, really, which is exactly what I want for those days I’m not scaring babies with the dark, inky matte lipsticks I’m also partial to. My trick? For a little extra moisture and just a little bit of shine, I wear Trilogy Everything Balm ($21) over top. I don’t mean to brag, but this may just make for my most flattering makeup look ever.