The Perks of Wearing Lipstick (Beyond Just Looking Pretty)

Aly Walansky
Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

We love lipstick. It makes us look pretty, it makes us feel powerful, and we just seem more together when we have it on. Turns out the benefits of wearing this makeup staple extend far beyond just looking nice.

1. It brightens your smile.
Lipstick can help make teeth whiter by using colors that will offset any yellow tones or stains. It’s important to know your skin’s undertone and work with what you have. Unfortunately, the wrong color can make them look worse. Generally colors that are too dark, frosted or yellow in undertone can actually make your teeth look more discolored, says celebrity makeup artist Alejandro Falcon of Osmosis Colour Cosmetics. Cool undertones will diminish any yellow tones in your teeth. Also, make sure your lips aren’t dry, as this can accentuate any plaque buildup, says Falcon.

2. It enhance your eyes.
We all know that lipstick enhances our lips, but did you know the right color enhances your eyes, too? Dimitri James, beauty expert and creator of Skinn Cosmetics, says those with blue eyes should try lip shades in rose, pink, bronze, copper, and brown, while hazel eyes should go for violet, plum, fuchsia, and red-violet hues. Green eyes look best with mauve, lavender, plum, burgundy, and wine colors, and brown eyes look best with coral, peach, burgundy, purple, gold-red, nude-beige, and dark blue-red lipsticks.

3. It offers SPF protection.
Many lipsticks contain SPF, and even if they don’t, the pigment still protects the lips from direct and indirect sun, says Creative Director of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Lori Leib.

4. It contains healing properties.
Lipsticks can have a ton of healing value if they contain the right ingredients. Many lipsticks contain titanium dioxide, which is a physical sunblock that will keep lip skin safe and cut down on wrinkles, says Sandria Marie, owner of Brazen Cosmetics. “I’m in love with argan and jojoba oils. They provide just the perfect amount of moisture and softness without being greasy/slippery feeling. Shea butter is reported to help with skin turnover (and thereby keeping lips sexy and soft looking), so I also look for that in lip products,” says Marie. For a really soothing lipstick, try this one.

5. It can really change the way your mouth looks. 
Lipstick can also attract or detract attention to your lips, whether you want to make them appear fuller or smaller (who would want that?). Using a lighter shade in the center of your top and bottom lip will give the illusion of fuller, plumper lips, says Leib.

6. It makes you more confident. Really! 
Laurie Brucker, a motivational stylist with a goal of teaching confidence building through the art of style, finds lipstick to have some fabulous empowering properties. “When we as women wear lipstick, it makes us feel like a woman! And that simple feeling can make us feel feminine, sexy, powerful and empowered,” says Brucker. That kind of reacting can change the course of your day if you are feeling great about yourself. You radiate energy which draws in the laws of attraction, attracting people to you in a positive way. Bottom line: Wearing lipstick can empower your day and create positive energy in your world.

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