For the Lipstick Hoarders: 8 Ways to Organize Your Collection

Augusta Falletta

At any given time, we’ve got about 12 or so lipsticks in our purses. We admit, we’re lipstick hoarders, but a girl needs options. Due to the countless (really, we’ve lost count) amount of lipsticks we have in our collections, we rely heavily on cute and easy ways to store them. This way, we can always find what we need, and besides, lipsticks just make cute decorations. To help the other lipstick hoarders of the world stay sane, we’ve put together some of the coolest ways to organize your lipsticks below.

Get three short mason jars, each in a different size, and use each jar for a color range: reds, pinks, purples, oranges, nudes, or whatever your collection allows for. Arrange them on your vanity in a small triangle. If you need to see which tube is which color, pick up a jar and read the label through the clear bottom!

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Use a hanging jewelry organizer on the back of your door and put lipsticks into the pouches based on colors, brands, frequency of use, or any other categorization that works for you!

lipstick holder

Using cardboard, a ruler, a scissor, and by following this instructional video on, fashion an eco-friendly cardboard lipstick holder to fit in a drawer. Store the lipsticks with the labels up for simple searching.

Line a drawer with a few shallow, tiny metal mesh desk organizers (typically used for small office supplies) and organize your lipsticks by season (brights for summer, darks for winter).

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For even more order, pick up a small, clear acrylic tray with dividers and a few tiers, standing up each of your lipsticks in its own cube.

lipstick organizer

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Fill a few clear acrylic pen jars with small, colorful glass beads, then place each lipstick tube in, standing it straight up by digging into the beads just a bit. The beads will work as placeholders, plus they’ll add some color into the mix!

Grab a kitchen utensil tray (either a colorful plastic one or a classic wooden option) and put your lipsticks in there, fitting the tubes into the slots like a jigsaw puzzle.

Use a small desktop storage unit with three small, shallow drawers to store your lipstick. To find the color you need easier, place each lipstick in the drawer with the bottom label facing you.