Lipslut’s New ‘F*ck Hollywood’ Lipstick Supports Sexual Assault Survivors

Lipslut’s New ‘F*ck Hollywood’ Lipstick Supports Sexual Assault Survivors
Photo: ImaxTree

There are plenty of Hollywood happenings worth glossing over, but the ongoing assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other big shots isn’t one of them. We’ve seen an upwards of 100 actors and actresses come forward with harrowing stories of sexual abuse and although it’s disheartening to hear, it’s also snowballed into a much-needed discussion about harassment in general.

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Now, there’s  way to show your support for victims and it involves something we can never get enough of: lipstick. Lipslut, a start-up cosmetics company created by college student Katie Sones, is launching “F*ck Hollywood,” an “outspoken” red lipstick that is 50 percent towards charity and 100 percent against abuse.

Like its previous products, including the not-so-subtly named “F*ck Trump” lipstick, half of the sales will go toward one of six organizations that address violence against women. They include Planned ParenthoodFutures Without ViolenceNational Alliance To End Sexual AssaultRape, Abuse, And Incest National NetworkNational Network To End Domestic Violence, or NO MORE.

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“I don’t think a few good movies every year warrants systemic ‘sexual misconduct,'” the brand said in a press release. “With the amount of focus this topic has been given, I think there is a chance for us to get involved and make a small difference in workplace sexism and abuse at large.”

We couldn’t agree more. Fight the patriarchy and pre-order “F*ck Hollywood” on the Lipslut website before orders ship in January 2018.