Lip Nail Art: How to DIY the Look At Home

Rachel Adler
Lip Nail Art: How to DIY the Look At Home
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Welcome to Lips Week on Beauty High! For an entire week, we’ll be serving up content about all things lips. From lipstick tricks and interviews with experts to lip color guides and more, enjoy everything Lips Week has to offer! 

Nail art may be toning itself down, but for the true fanatic it has not truly died out just yet. There are still ways to put a fun spin on the trend, whether you’re opting for subtle styles or just choosing to paint your favorite patterns on your nails. In honor Beauty High’s “Lips Week” – in which we celebrate all things lips – we decided why not celebrate the gorgeous (and fun) pattern of the lip print by putting it on our nails?

We called upon one of our former interns (better known as Junior Team Members here in the Beauty High offices) to help us with the task. Jaclyn Sciara walks us through the steps in the slideshow above to getting a fun – and surprisingly simple – lip print nail art that you can do yourself. Plus, feel free to change up the colors – this doesn’t have to make you think of Valentine’s Day or be too lovey-dovey – it’s just all about your lips!

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Step 1: Paint all of your nails with a base color. We chose a nude, using Maybelline's Neutral Statement.

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

Step 2: Outline the lips using a fine tip brush on the middle finger and thumb. Be sure to give yourself enough room to fill them in later. We used a light red for the outline, choosing Essie's Meet Me At Sunset.

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

Step 3: After giving your lips a second to dry, take a thicker brush and fill in the lips you just traced with the lighter red polish.

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

Step 4: While you're waiting for your lips to dry, add a bit of flare to the rest of your nails by striping them with white polish and a long, thin brush.

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

Step 6: Now that the lips are dry, you want to add dimension to them. Wherever there would naturally be shadow, add a tiny bit of a deeper red shade (Butter London in Pillar Box) and take the white polish to where there be a highlight. But, be sure to use two, different small brushes to do so.

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

Step 7: Now just add a top coat and show off your lips nail art!

Photo: Jaclyn Sciara

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