Lip Service


My girlfriend was at my place before going out the other night, and during my quick glance in the mirror for a once-over, she also took the opportunity to slap on another layer of lipgoss. Lipgloss!!! I love my friends, and I’m often very frank with them when it comes to beauty, fashion, or boy advice, so they take any advice I give them with a grain of salt most of the time. But seriously, lipgloss?? Cut to the chase, I said to my gorgeous friend: “We need to move on from the lipgloss.”

How did everyone get so dependent on lipgloss is the question. Seasons ago, runways were plagued with shiny lips and celebs endorsing every lipgloss known to man; everyone was up on the lipgloss game. Even before we were bombarded with designer collaborations, we were definitely bombarded with drugstore versions of high end cosmetic line lip glosses. If you weren’t a Lip Venom girl, you were definitely a Lancome Juicy Tubes girl, a Mac Lipglass girl or for the more tres chic- Nars lip gloss addict. Beauty forums were buzzing with the latest in drugstore versions of all the lipgloss holy grails.

Now that the new fashion season is here, getting me all excited by marking my calendar for TopShop collabs and stocking up on long sleeves and polka dot stockings, this is a great time to venture out with new make-up. Update your lips with these lipgloss alternatives and say good bye to super shiny lips. For now anyway.


Peter Thomas Roth Matte Lip Balm, $12, at

For the true minimalist, a flavor free lip balm that can be used by men and women. If you love the ultra natural look or you just need something to moisturize your lips under your lip color.


Stila Convertible Color, $25, at

We often neglect our cheeks. In this handy compact packaging with a mirror, a product that doubles as lip and cheek color is ultra convenient. It can also be layered for a more intense color.


Wet n Wild Perfect Pair Lip Wand,

Yes, it’s all about products with multiple purpose, but it’s amazing when they work and are affordable. The colors are so cute and the lipstick is really creamy.