What Do Your Lip Prints Say About You?

Alle Connell

Can your pout tell you about your personality? Sure, it’s one thing to tell people to read your lips—but Jilly Eddy, author, teacher, owner of the world’s largest collection of lip prints—can actually do it.

Jilly is the founder of Lipsology, the art of reading and interpreting lip prints. That’s right: everything from the shape of your Cupid’s bow to that little dot in your lower lip is actually telling you something about your character, personality and the major events in your life.

So to celebrate National Lipstick Day, Jilly analyzed the lip prints of six of our StyleCaster editors and told us everything about our lives, personalities and relationships. Pucker up and find out what secrets we’re hiding in our kissers—and what your lip print is saying about you.

lip print reading

– The overall shape of the lips shows how successful the person is, and in what ways. “Alle has diamond-shaped lips; diamonds sparkle and shine, and so does she,” says Jilly. “She’s very successful and competent, and the world recognizes it.”

– There’s an inverted Cupid’s bow on her lower lip. People with this lip print are authorities in their field—when they speak, people listen. But Jilly says that this natural authority hides a hidden soft side. “These people are huge cupcakes with a deep need for kindness and love, despite their tough exteriors,” she says.

Hug Puckers are the small protrusions beneath the Cupid’s bow that show how people give and receive affection. It’s also where white stress lines show up, indicating that the person is having a difficult time. “Alle has one very large, clear stress line running from the inside of her upper lip towards the Cupid’s bow,” says Jilly. “This means that, while she’s under a lot of stress, it’s coming from other people. Learning how to ask for help from others, or just knowing when to let things go, is very helpful.”

lip print reading

– Jasmine’s lip print shows a long, almost totally flat upper lip. This means she’s a born diplomat who always sees both sides of an argument and works hard to make sure situations are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

– The white dot in Jasmine’s lower lip is a marking called the Seeds of Change. This means that there’s something she’s doing, or will be doing, that is very important and will help a lot of people. “It may still be in the planning stages, but when it comes to fruition, it’s going to be wildly successful,” says Jilly.

– The indent on the inside of the lower lip is called a Gourmet Lipsplit. “This signifies that this person is not a cheap date! The love all the finer things in life,” says Jilly. It also means that she has a very sentimental, romantic side and enjoys celebrating important events in people’s lives with them.

lip print reading

– Rachel Adler’s lip print is triangular-shaped with a very firm lower lip. Triangle-shaped lip prints indicate that from a solid base, these people point others in the right direction. They’re amazing at seeing the potential in others and helping them achieve their dreams.

– There’s a small divot in the left side of Rachel’s upper lip. This is called an Angel Mark and means that the person has a guardian angel on their shoulder (metaphorically speaking), granting them protection and opening the doors to positive opportunities. “People with these marks often have really big things to accomplish in this life,” Jilly says.

– Rachel’s upper and lower lips touch on the right side, indicating that she’s a bit of a pack rat. She tends to take things on, physically and emotionally, and hang on to her “collections” for a really long time. “It could be that by letting some things go, Rachel will feel lighter,” Jilly tells us.

lip print reading

– Sable has a square lip shape. This means that, like a heavy stone, she’s well-grounded and knows exactly what she will and will not do.

– Lip prints that are an intense, even color with very few stress lines are what Jilly refers to as a “Cheerleader Print.” This indicates that Sable is good at encouraging everyone in her life. Though she still experiences stress, Sable doesn’t show it—she’s confident enough to know that she can handle it.

– Her upper and lower lips touch on both the left and right sides. “This indicates that she’s the kind of person to whom change does not come easily,” Jilly explains. “It may also take her a while to make decisions about things, as she’ll want to have all information before making up her mind.”

lip print reading


– Victoria has an extreme Hug Pucker visible in one of her lip prints, but not the others. This means that she’s under a lot of stress, but isn’t showing it. “She keeps it all inside, and she really needs a hug!” Jilly says.

– Her upper and lower lips are quite thin, which is an indicator of a well-organized, detail-oriented personality. “If I needed something done as perfectly as possible, someone with a lip print like this would be my girl!” says Jilly.

– Victoria’s first lip print shows her upper and lower lips very close together; her second print shows them much further apart. Jilly calls these people “Inchers,” meaning that they “inch out” of their comfort zone quite slowly. “Victoria weighs her opinion before giving it, which makes her very conscientious and considerate,” Jilly tells us. “The downside of this can be a perceived lack of confidence. Inchers need to have more faith in themselves and their abilities!”

lip print reading

– Rachel’s prints are noteable because, while they’re very rounded, they have no Cupid’s bow on the upper lip whatsoever. “People without a Cupid’s bow in their prints do NOT like to be told what to do,” says Jilly. True individuals, the bow-less have their own style and work primarily to please themselves, not others.

– Her upper lip also “overhangs” her lower lip in this print. This means that, although she talks a big game, she needs taking care of WAY more than she lets on.

– There is a very defined thin white line that goes all the way through the right side of Rachel’s lower lip, bisecting it completely. This is called a Gale Mark, and indicates that the person has recently gone through a very difficult situation. “Gale Marks also want to remind people that, although they may be feeling isolated by loss or trauma, they do have loved ones around them to support and care for them,” says Jilly.

Graphic design by Candace Napier.
Special thanks to Jilly Eddy!

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