Why Every Woman Should Wear Lip Liner

Shannon Farrell

Lip liner is one of those beauty products that some women use religiously and others just can’t get behind. But here’s photographic evidence of why every woman should add it to their beauty routine. Just look at French actress Clemence Poesy below.

Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy at the British Fashion Awards
Photo: Getty Images

With perfect lines, you have the ability to easily fake bigger lips. Using a liner that is just one shade darker than the lipstick, draw around the outside line of the lips. The darker shade creates a 3D effect, making the lips look plumper. If you have a steady hand, you can even draw just outside the line, adding subtle thickness or exaggerating the shape. (Betty Boop lips, anyone?)

The finished result of perfectly outlined lips is clear definition. Although Clemence’s skin and eye makeup are also flawless, a clearly defined lip allows you to go lighter on the rest of the face and put all focus on the lips. And you’ll still get that put-together finish…in seconds.

One we’re loving at the moment: the Merle Norman Clear Lip Pencil ($14, merlenorman.com). Because it applies clear, it always you to keep lipstick from bleeding without compromising the lipstick’s original color. No perfect match necessary.

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