Lily James Chopped Her Hair Into a Blunt Bob and Looks Incredible

Elizabeth Denton
Lily James Chopped Her Hair Into a Blunt Bob and Looks Incredible
Photo: Shutterstock.

Another day, another celebrity bob and this one is pretty surprising. Lily James’ new bob brings her into the celeb short hair club. (Wouldn’t it be amazing if there really was one of those?) The British actress is best known for her roles as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey, Cinderella in, you know, Cinderella, and Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia!. In each of these roles, as well as in her real life, she has long wavy hair fit for a princess. Well, not anymore. Now she’s got the cool-girl cut of the summer.

Hairstylist John MacPherson chopped James’ hair into an ultra-blunt bob that stops right above her shoulders. He gave her honey blonde highlights that made sure all eyes were on her during press for her new movie, Yesterday. (It’s out later in June.) Makeup artist Naoko Scintu gave her “bronzed eyes, perfect pink lips, [and] fluffy brows,” and Rebecca Corbin-Murray styled her in sleek threads.

James’ bob is super versatile. She can wear it smooth and straight or wavy and voluminous.

James joins fellow celebrities and their cool haircuts: including Kim Kardashian and her sleek angled bob, Brie Larson and her chin-length cut and Demi Lovato and her shoulder-length style.

If you’re worried you don’t have the right face shape for short hair—don’t. Bobs look amazing on literally everyone. Your hairstylist just might have to tailor the cut based on your hair type. Curly-haired people look stellar with layered cuts and/or curly bangs. Those with straight, full hair often love one-length, blunt styles. There’s a cut for you and your hair and I say, go for it this summer. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.