Lily Collins Takes Makeup-Free Selfie, Proves She’s Superhuman

Lily Collins Takes Makeup-Free Selfie, Proves She’s Superhuman
Photo: Getty Images

Alright, we know—most of the time, celebrity makeup-free selfies are kind of a sham. Maybe six years ago, before photo-editing apps were installed on every single phone, we could believe that Lucy Hale and Vanessa Hudgens really do have buttery-soft, blemish-free skin (and hey, maybe they really do), but now? Who knows. Still, there’s something mesmerizing about getting to peak at a celeb’s face without their usual six layers of makeup and false lashes, and this morning, Lilly Collins gave us our makeup-free fix.

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The actress posted a selfie to Instagram late last night with (allegedly) zero makeup, and, apparently, zero redness, blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. The caption on the photo: “Fresh skin, makeup free. Let the evening begin…” Naturally, her fans also freaked out, saying “U look like a sunshine without a mask”—we think that’s a really great compliment, right?—while another said, “My self-esteem just plummeted, so thanks lol.”

And though we’re definitely not here to beat ourselves up about our own appearances (you’re all beautiful! We’re all beautiful!), we will agree that this show of pure, superhuman skin makes us reconsider skipping our retinol and face serums last night. Of course, if you’ve ever seen any picture of Collins ever, then you’d see that this selfie is most likely totally real, and she was just #blessed with really, really good genes. Same, Lilly—same.

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