Lily Collins Dyed Her Hair Golden-Blonde, and It’s Everything

Lily Collins Dyed Her Hair Golden-Blonde, and It’s Everything
Photo: Getty Images

Lily Collins is joining Selena Gomez in young Hollywood’s growing group of brunettes gone blonde. On Thursday, the 28-year-old actress shared an Instagram showing off her just-dyed golden-blonde locks, and we can attest: They. Look. Good.

The picture shows Collins, dressed in a soft white bathrobe, posing for a selfie with her tousled blonde hair resting on her shoulders. Collins, who kept some of her natural brunette color in her roots, also stayed true to her signature thick eyebrows, which she left dark to contrast with her drastically lightened hair color.

As most brunettes-turned-blondes do, Collins made a joke about already having more fun because of her hair color. “Not sure if it’s the blonde or this city, but I really am having more fun…” she wrote in the caption.

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Collins joins a long list of famous brunettes, including Gomez and Kim Kardashian, who have ditched their signature brown locks for sun-kissed blonde. Put down your bets on who’s joining the brunette-turned-blonde gang next.

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