OMG: Lily Collins Just Got Butt-Length Hair Extensions

OMG: Lily Collins Just Got Butt-Length Hair Extensions
Photo: Getty Images

Ugh, Lily Collins—can you just, like, chill for a second? We get it; you’re basically a superhuman who can do no (aesthetic) wrong, like the time you wore zero makeup and had completely blemish-free skin, or when you chopped off your hair into thick, blunt bangs, or when you wore your hair completely teased-out curly at Cannes. So we shouldn’t be surprised to see Collins with insanely long, butt-length hair extensions, and yet, here we are.

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Because Collins just appeared on the red carpet for the “Okja” movie premiere with a super-straight and ridiculously glossy slicked-back ponytail that quite literally reached her butt—a major departure from her previously wavy lob. The change is, of course, the result of extensions, expertly placed by hairstylist DJ Quintero, who regularly works with Sophia Bush, Katie Holmes, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Collins posted a laughing selfie with Quintero and makeup artist Vincent Oquendo last night with the caption, “It’s a shame getting ready is no fun at all…” before filling her Instagram with photos of her dress and hair, including an incredibly important shot of herself hugging Brad Pitt, as we all do. So even though the majority of the country is chopping off their hair in preparation for the billion-degree summer that’s about to it, we sincerely recommend saying screw it to trends and instead getting some hella-long extensions, a la Collins, and rocking the long-hair trend for a few more months. Scroll down to see Collins’ new hair, below!