Here’s Exactly How Lily Collins Gets Her Glowy, Perfect Skin

Here’s Exactly How Lily Collins Gets Her Glowy, Perfect Skin
Photo: Getty Images

We know it’s dumb to compare ourselves to a celebrity—especially one like Lily Collins, who practically glows like an ethereal angel in every photo. We know she has a team of hairstylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, and dermatologists on call at all times, and has access to the best beauty products and pretty-makers in all the lands. Whatever; we get it. But even still, we’d really, really like to know exactly how she gets her face looking so ridiculously clear and dewy, so maybe we, too, could have awesome skin.

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And thankfully, now we do, because Teen Vogue straight-up asked Collins’ makeup artist, Vincent Oquendo, for all of his best skin tips he’s been using on the actress throughout the Cannes Film Festival, and yes, they’re totally doable at home. Oquendo, who regularly works with Sarah Sampaio, Nicole Richie, and Cara Delevingne, says that the main secret behind Collins’ skin is, quite simply, due to massages. “I massaged her face for the red carpet,” said Oquendo. “When you have lymphatic drainage, it increases circulation and stimulates the skin.”

OK, it sounds super bullshitty, but there’s actually some truth to it: Gently massaging your face—or any part of your body, really—stimulates your circulation, bringing fresh blood cells to the surface of your skin for a flushed, rosy glow. Plus, if you massage with a few drops of facial oil, you’ll also be left with a super soft, dewy finish, a la Lily Collins. And when all else fails, just slather on the makeup. “I always recommend a glowy foundation and a lightweight concealer,” says Oquendo. Oh, yeah, and all of the fame of Lilly Collins. That, too.

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