Lily Collins Showed Off Her Adorable, Rarely-Seen Freckles, and We’re in Love

Lily Collins
Photo: Getty Images

‘Tis the season of freckles. This summer, Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Decker, Meghan Markle, and dozens of celebrities have taken to their Instagrams (or in Markle’s case, her wedding) to show off their natural, sun-kissed freckles. And from the looks of it, the trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. Next up: Lily Collins.

After noticing that her natural freckles were looking more prominent and sun-kissed than usual (she can thank the sun’s UV rays for bringing out her freckles melanin), the 29-year-old actress took to her Instagram to flaunt her beautiful birth marks. In a picture showing off her sun-kissed spots, which appeared to cluster at the top of Collins’s cheeks and under her eyes, the actress thanked summer for unveiling her rarely-seen freckles.

“And here come the freckles…,” Collins wrote in the caption.

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And though Collins doesn’t show off her freckles often on Instagram, that doesn’t mean that she’s ashamed of them. In a 2016 interview with The New York Times, the actress revealed her go-to foundation to allow her freckles to shine.  “If I am wearing makeup, I love the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow. It’s so luminous. And it lets my freckles still shine through,” Collins said.

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Can’t wait to see what other celebrity freckles this summer brings.