Red Alert: Lily Collins Debuts Bomb Blunt Bangs

Red Alert: Lily Collins Debuts Bomb Blunt Bangs
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Bangs are everywhere right now: The person next to you on the subway is rocking them, and her friend next to her, and every other coworker and friend—you get the idea. Many celebs are jumping into the bang game too, and Lily Collins is the latest one to fall in line. Or—that’s what she’d have you believe.

Posting a shot of herself yesterday posing with “new” bangs alongside hairstylist DJ Quintero, who is holding a comb and a pair of scissors, you’d think Collins had definitely taken the plunge. She went as far as saying, “Cutting loose” in her caption. (Good one, Lily.) But we have intel that these are just faux bangs, though they do look exactly like the real thing.

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Collins likes to flirt with different hairstyles—that lob of hers has seen many a hair extension, and this is not her first faux bang rodeo. It probably won’t be her last, either, unless, you know, she actually has bangs cut and commits. Unlikely, since this option looks just as good—and convincing—as the real thing, but we’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a second look at the faux chop, which shows off her perfectly wavy lob. Looking good, Lily!

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