Why Lili Reinhart is Doing her Own Makeup on the Set of Riverdale This Season

Why Lili Reinhart is Doing her Own Makeup on the Set of Riverdale This Season
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo For GC Images/Getty Images.

At a school like Riverdale High, teens worry about suspicious murders and dark secrets—not their complexions. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single member of our favorite fictional adolescent detective crew with less-than-flawless skin… which, frankly, seems unrealistic. We all know that between the ages of 13 and 18, our hormones have a mind of their own—and some of us never grow out of it.

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Actress Lili Reinhart, who portrays town sweetheart Betty Cooper in The CW’s hit series Riverdale, feels our pain. In fact, she’s a very outspoken advocate for people struggling with cystic acne, and she’s super-vocal about her own battle. As a television actress, Reinhart’s entire job is to be on-camera in front of millions of viewers. And when she’s experiencing a particularly intrusive breakout, she says: “it makes my anxiety a 10 out of 10.”

So, for season three, the actress has taken matters into her own hands. “We have a head of makeup and she’s great, but I know my skin better than anyone else and I know what works,” she told Refinery29. “A lot of the girls on the show have really beautiful, clear, smooth skin, so sometimes I feel like the odd one out.”

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Sources say that the U.S. will see the premiere of Riverdale‘s third season on October 10. Amongst other things (like those suspicious murders and dark secrets we mentioned earlier), Reinhart’s complexion will once again take center-stage, likely in the form of super-tight closeups on her angst-ridden face as she tries to solve yet another mystery.