How Lili Reinhart Conceals Her Pimples Without Making Them More Noticeable

How Lili Reinhart Conceals Her Pimples Without Making Them More Noticeable
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV/Getty Images.

Waking up to find a pimple (or waking up everyday to find pimples) is a reality we all hate. It’s a mad dash to our makeup bags, followed by a trial-and-error routine to find the right amount of concealer and powder for coverage. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart and new brand ambassador for Dermalogica has struggled with acne from the age of 13, and she just unveiled a new way to hide that pesky breakout.

In a recent interivew with E! Online, she revealed how she conceals her acne without drawing more attention to it. If you’re confused how conceal and draw more attention could be linked, it usually happens like this: You pile concealer on top of a zit and instead of it blending into your face, it looks like a dirt-covered mound.

However, when Reinhart is need of covering, she skips the concealer and opts for foundation. “When I have a bad breakout, I usually wear foundation, which I don’t normally do on a daily basis,” she said (her favorite full coverage being Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation Stick). “This makes it easier for me to cover a particular blemish while blending in with the rest of my skin. Having a bunch of concealer on a blemish, without foundation anywhere else, will make the blemish more noticeable. Foundation helps even out my skin without drawing attention to any particular spot.”

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Another quick tip from the 21-year-old actress is to stay clear of drying lotions when it comes to ridding of whiteheads fast. She said she’s learned from aestheticians that it “actually makes the pimple stick around longer.” And for the big guys who always show up on the worst days she says, “A serum or spot treatment with salicylic acid helps with bigger, cystic pimples.” Who else thinks Reinhart should star in her own show titled Acne 101?

OK, that might be a weird show, but Reinhart is the newest brand ambassador for Dermalogica, which means you can get the exact products she uses for an affordable price: the Breakout Clearing Booster ($21) and Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask ($21). Plus, come August 2, you can head to ULTA and get a $10 10-minute facial. “[FaceFit is] an affordable and easily accessible way for anyone to get a professional quality facial,” she said. “It’s a $10, 10-minute facial, given by a Dermalogica skin therapist that will be available for a limited time in ULTA Beauty and Dermalogica stores. This is a service that I wish I had when I was younger.”

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