The Ligonberry Might Help You Lose Serious Weight: Study

Julie Gerstein

Is there a magic berry you can eat so you won’t magically gain weight? Well, according to science, there just might be. And you can find it at your local Ikea.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Scientists in Sweden (naturally) have found that ligonberries may prevent weight gain in people that consume high-fat diets. Researchers at Lund University found that the berries prevented weight gain in mice who were fed a diet high in fat. The berries also lowered blood sugar levels and cholesterol, too.

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The berries, which are popular in Sweden, and by proxy Ikea furniture stores (seriously, have you had ligonberry tea, or ligonberry jam?), were given to some of the mice in the experiment, while other mice were fed bilberries, raspberries, crowberries, blackberries, and acai berries, in comparison. They were also compared to a control group on a low-fat diet. At the end of the study, the mice that ate a high-fat diet and were fed ligonberries were in the same physical condition as the mice on a low-fat diet.

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On the flip side, say researchers, you should watch out for acai berries if you’re trying to lose weight. They were found to lead to weight gain and higher levels of fat storage.

Researchers were quick to say that the findings shouldn’t be used as an excuse to eat badly and pop a bunch of ligonberries as a counterbalance. But it does present a potential avenue worth exploring, as to whether those sort of results will be reproducible in humans, too.