Whoa! Here’s Why We All Need To Pay Attention To Lighting In Photos

Julie Gerstein

What’s the difference between a really great photo and a really? terrible one? Lighting, lighting, lighting. (There’s even a very funny “Seinfeld” episode about this.) And nothing illustrates that better than this clip of a woman’s face being subjected to different lighting schemes.

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The same model’s face can be at turns angelic and eerie depending on the angle and color of the lighting being shone on her face. She becomes literally hundreds of faces, all with subtle shifts in lighting.

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We were absolutely blown away by how her face could go from beautiful and innocent to actually almostĀ evil-seeming, just with a switch of the lighting. It’s a good reminder the next time you see a photo of yourself that you absolutely hate: It’s probably not your face, it’s the angle of the light and shadows.