How to Pull Off Light Lipstick Without Looking Ghostly Pale

Shannon Farrell

It’s been months since we’ve had the opportunity to get a tan, and although we’re lighter than we’re used to, it doesn’t mean we have to drastically change our makeup. One thing we’re sticking to on our casual days? Light lipstick. Contrary to belief, a light pink or nude won’t automatically make you look pasty. The trick is to always apply a flattering blush. Check out two gorgeous examples below.

Sandra Bullock

Photo: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock‘s use of a shiny light pink gloss alone helps to create contrast to her light complexion. And her rosy pink blush is the perfect finishing touch by adding natural color to the face. For winter months, stick to a cream formula to add a dewy finish and help hydrate the skin.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Another pretty color to try is peach. Instead of a winter flush, it adds a subtle bronze to the cheeks. We like to think of this as the easy way to get a bronze finish without going overboard with the bronzer powder.

Word of warning: Don’t go too dark with the blush. That will only bring attention to the paleness.

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