Life-size Barbie Brings Up The Issue Of Body Image

Rachel Adler

The morning shows are known for addressing controversial topics, but lately they have been pretty spot on with our body and beauty issues. On the Today show yesterday morning Galia Slayen, a girl who struggled with Anorexia as a child, showcased her life-size Barbie doll, measured out to human proportions. Galia chose to display this doll at her college during National Eating Disorder Awareness week, and got plenty of reactions from her classmates.

The 6 foot tall, 39 inch bust and 33 inch hips on the life-size Barbie certainly doesn’t look like the Mattel dolls that we grew up with, but that stick-thin doll (with the tiny waist we all desired) is according to Gallia, based on the National Eating Disorder website’s measurements of what Barbie should actually measure up to.

Mattel responded with a statement to the Today show that said, “Girls see female body images everywhere today and it’s critical that parents and caregivers provide perspective on what they are seeing. It’s important to remember that Barbie is a doll who stands 11.5 inches tall and weighs 7.25 ounces – she was never modeled on the proportions of a real person.”

But, should 4-year-old children who are playing with these dolls be responsible for being able to understand that concept?

Luckily, Galia said that she has learned that through all of this, “It’s about finding who you are, not about wanting to become that celebrity or this person.”

We’re glad that she’s learned that she doesn’t have to suffer to be thin but do you think Barbie dolls are harmful for kids?