The ‘Liberation Wrapper’ Allows Women To Scarf Messy Burgers and Still Look Feminine

Julie Gerstein

The Liberation Wrapper lets women eat in peace
We women are delicate flowers who would never dream of tearing into a juicy, delicious burger, right? Just kidding, we’re probably going to eat one of those later. But what to do about the difficult task of shoving an appetizing burger in our faces without seeming like total slobs? Enter the Liberation Wrapper.

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The wrappers were created by Japanese fast-food chain Freshness Burger, which was interested in attracting more female customers. In order to do that, though, they had to contend with the country’s strict cultural standards of femininity, which dictated that women should have small mouths and take tiny bites.

The overarching idea is called Ochobo, the belief women should cover their mouths while chewing in public. Of course, that’s rather difficult to do while chowing down on a massive burger, so lots of women would opt out of purchasing the chain’s burgers. To counter Ochobo and boost sales, the company created the Liberation Wrapper, which allows women to eat burgers in public without having to expose themselves our behave in a culturally impolite way.

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Is there something a bit, well, sexist about creating a wrapper designed specifically to hide women’s faces while they eat? Maybe, but we can kinda understand it, since we wouldn’t mind having a full-face napkin to hide behind while we’re going to town on something really delicious. We like to keep our gluttony private, thank you very much.