Beauty Lessons on Making Your Look Edgy


I was looking at Rachel the other day, in liquid black leggings a long sleeve tissue tee bunching at her hips and chains of dirty black rocker metal piled on as necklaces. The razor edged bob with caramelly blond highlights completed the image of a chic young woman, and I thought, Wow. What happened to Ray Ray?!

We’ve been lucky to work with Rachel since she started this summer at StyleCaster, as a graduate (and inhabitant) of the Midwest, and we’ve all watched her slow transformation from Midwestern girl-next-door to burgeoning fashionista.

First it was the clothes. (Having access to a bulging fashion closet certainly helped.) The attitude became a bit more mature and adult. Latest to follow, and piece de resistance? The hair.

“We were all talking in the office and decided I needed an edgier look. It just came about after I had started styling my clothes differently and we [including Meg and Carol from the Content team] decided the hair was what needed the change. They said I was looking ‘too girl-next-door’. I totally agree.”

For a Midwestern girl whose every day look is “grabbing skinny leg jeans, a cardigan and a scarf,” she boldly presented herself to the hairdresser at Platinum Salon, 134 West 23rd Street just west of 6th Avenue.

Rachel didn’t exactly have a pattern of risk-taking when it comes to her beauty routine. Previously, her most drastic beauty-related change was chopping her hair from her waist to below her shoulders right after graduating college. So when she met with her stylist she “convinced him not to do a pixie cut. At first I didn’t want to go this short because I never thought my face was good for short, and he convinced me it was; I just talked him out of going drastically short.”

He used six different colors in Rachel’s bob. “We went through the book of blonds. I didn’t want platinum but am fine with highlights. I told him platinum streaks were ok. He just tied up the top of my hair, and cut off the bottom. ‘I’m really scared right now,’ I told him. ‘I trust you, and I know it will look better when it is dry, but I am scared.'”

But she was reassured and after drying her hair, he straightened it, then continued cutting with scissors.

When coloring, he used strategic color placement and disconnected graduated layers to form a voluminous cut perfectly suiting Rachel’s striking face, with lustrous color.

“I immediately liked the color. I was worried not knowing what it was going to look like but I loved it at the end when he was doing the final cut.

“He is amazing. There is no way you can stay scared with him. He talks you through the whole thing.

“When all was said and done, I completely love it. Normally after I get my hair cut it takes me a couple days to get used to it and immediately after this one I love it. I haven’t heard a bad thing about it.

Completing the look was a drastic make-over by Aya, who taught Rachel how to get the smoky eye look, shown here.

Office consensus: We love Rachel’s new do, and the eye will work on a super sexy night out. During the daytime, we love our Ray Ray just as she is!

Rachel’s take: “I like the make-up. It’s definitely a going out look. And I don’t know if I’d ever actually spend the time to do it.”

As for the hair, she says “I will stay short. I think I want to keep it short (he said it would grow out nicely). And when I am ready for the next cut, I will definitely go back to Platinum, and recommend it to friends. All the stylists were so nice!”

Spoken like a true Midwesterner.