The LES Meets Hollywood


Fans of The Hills recognize Audrina for her ginormous green eyes and enviable body. But what caught my attention on the season premiere of the show was her ponytail. It was messy meets feminine at it’s finest.

I enlisted the help of hairstylist Ricky Babineaux to recreate the look. He says to first distribute mousse or setting lotion evenly into wet hair. Using a natural bristle brush, blow-dry hair while brushing back away from the face. Once dry, put in a little more setting lotion, but this time just on the front, and pull hair back into a ponytail with an elastic.  Note: the ponytail should rest just above your eye-line.

Now here comes that messy part: grab the hair on top of your head and pull it up and forward to create a slight bouffant. You can even pull little pieces out completely to have wisps around your face.  For even more volume, lightly backcomb the ponytail with a teasing comb. Ricky likes to take a piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic, but I don’t think that step quite fits in with my lower east side in Hollywood vision.

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