Psst: Lena Dunham Has Bangs Now

Psst: Lena Dunham Has Bangs Now
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What were you up to this morning before 7 a.m.? Sleeping? Taking a shower? Working out? If your answer is “getting bangs,” congrats: You have something in common with Lena Dunham. (Or you are Lena Dunham, in which case: Hi!)

Girlfriend posted a pic of herself with freshly chopped bangs this morning on Instagram, adding, “Got bangs BEFORE 7am. That’s gotta be illegal, right?!”

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Credit: Instagram | @lenadunham

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It may not be illegal, but it’s definitely not ideal. Guess when you’re a boss lady, you have to take your haircuts when you can get them, and for some of us, that means, oh, sometime around 6 in the morning. Or perhaps stars of Girls have some sort of bizarre predilection for having bangs cut in the wee hours: When Allison Williams debuted very similar bangs earlier this year, she had ’em done at 3 a.m.

If you’re feeling inspired by Dunham, Williams, or any of the other myriad women who’ve showed up with bangs this year, go for it. But maybe consider an appointment at a more civilized hour.

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