You Need to See These Insanely Cool Light-Up LED Eyelashes

You Need to See These Insanely Cool Light-Up LED Eyelashes
Photo: ImaxTree

You know those times when you’re getting ready for a night out, and your hardcore black mascara and row of false lashes still don’t seem like they’re giving enough oomph? Welp, one designer named Tien Pham may have come up with the solution to your blah-eye woes by co-creating interactive LED eyelashes, called F.Lashes. And yes, we’re completely mesmerized.

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Pham debuted the interactive eyelashes—interactive because the lashes literally move, jump, and dance when you, you know, move, jump, and dance—at the annual Maker Faire (an arts-and-crafts-type fair with all of the innovative inventions from regular ol’ people), and won the Editor’s Choice ribbon. Basically, these lashes are freaking cool.

The lashes are connected through clear wires to a small watch battery that’s pinned beneath your hair. The lashes are then attached to your lids with regular lash glue, and, once turned on, can sparkle, flash, glide from side to side, and more. Sadly, the lashes aren’t available to buy yet, but Pham is hoping to start a Kickstarter campaign for F.Lashes soon. So until then, you’ll just have to keep piling on the false lashes and re-watching the video of Pham and his light-up eyes.

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