Would You Leave The House Without Any Makeup On?

Amanda Elser

A recent survey revealed that 2/3 of women would be more anxious over a makeup-free commute to work than they would be for a job interview, public speaking or a first date.

A survey for the Vitality Show polled 3,000 women and it was determined that while 50 percent of women wouldn’t mind seeing their friends and family sans makeup, 70 percent said they would run and hide from their boss or colleagues if they weren’t wearing any makeup.

Waking up early and spending an average of 21 minutes applying makeup each morning, the numbers are staggering. Not only would 91 percent of women cancel a first date rather than show up without makeup on, but one in six women said they wouldn’t even open the front door!

While this survey was done in the UK, we definitely know a few women who are guilty of such actions here in the US of A. Women definitely tend to hide behind a wall of makeup, and while we love getting dressed up as much as the next lady, could we go without it?

What do you think? Could you be seen in public without any makeup on, or do you carry your essentials with you everywhere you go?

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