Learn How To Translate Spring 2011 Trends From A Pro Artist

Rachel Adler

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Translating the spring makeup trends that we see on the runways into looks that we can actually wear isn’t exactly an easy task. When faced with bright blues and greens that look gorgeous on models, figuring out how to replicate that, and not freak out your friends can be a little bit daunting. Luckily, we happen to have access to Mathew Nigara, celebrity makeup artist and N.Y.C. New York Cosmetic Makeup Artist to guide us through. Read on below for his tips and product loves.

It’s time to break out the spring trend looks that we saw back on the runways in September. What are some of your favorite looks for Spring 2011?
Etro, Marc Jacobs, and Jill Sander. I am a fan of glamorous makeup with a retro edge – so all of the shows are great examples of this.

Any trends you wish would die for good?
The trend I wish would die is the florescent colored liners! They are very difficult to pull off and not classic. I like makeup that is easily translatable for everyday women to wear and apply.

We saw a lot of color on the lips and eyes, what’s the best way to make color work off the runway?
Makeup should be used as a tool to express your individuality – so when looking at color inspired from the runway, one should always stay within the family that makes you feel comfortable and confident and not try to recreate the exact shades. Recreate the feeling of the makeup by staying within your everyday color choices – and choosing to brighten them up 1 or 2 degrees or make them more rich by selecting deeper shades that are 1 to 2 degrees deeper than the middle comfort shade. With makeup, you should always try to push your own personal limits but do it slowly and with a cautious hand.

Some colors, like blue eye shadow, are very difficult to pull off. How can you know what colors work best with your skin tone?
The way you find out what works for you is by experimentation. Typically it is more about what you are trying to translate is it a more retro look or a more dramatic one? Usually, most people can pull off most color, as long as you include an anchor such as gray, black, or brown. By placing any of these along the lash line and a bit to the outer corner, any shade can be placed on to the center lid for a bright pop of color that will look modern and fresh but also will appear timeless and classic which always looks beautiful. Again, makeup from the runway is meant to be conceptual and provoke thought and inspiration. So the old saying “a little goes a long way” works here. Apply the more trendy colors along with your tried and true neutral palette and choose what you like.

Bold lips are huge for spring. What should we look for in terms of colors and formulas to get the look?
I really love the new NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16 HR Lip Stains. The colors are so bright and vivid and the texture is more matte but most importantly translucent. By adding the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Citys Clear, you will add the glamorous 70’s trend to the color you choose with the added benefit of the long lasting lipstain underneath.

You’ve worked on some amazing shows and with some notable celebrities, any favorite looks you’ve created?
Well I really loved the DVF shows I did from the Fall of 06 to Spring 07. The looks ranged from a 60’s inspired look inspired from Italian Film. The red lip and flushy pink cheek inspired from the working career women of the 40’s, and lastly the bright pink lip with a clean face inspired from the 80’s.

What are the three products that every woman should own?
A great oil free tinted moisturizer – like the new NYC New York Color Skin Matching Foundation, a great liquid illuminator, and a great Lip Stain that you can apply in a jam like the new NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16 HR Lip Stain.

What are your most-used products backstage and on shoots?
I am an avid fan of the NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dusts and Skin Matching Foundations. Both of these products go on without thought and always do exactly what they are supposed to. My go to blush is the NYC New York Color Blushable Crme Stick in Big Apple Blush, it works on all skin types.

And lastly, what is the best makeup tip you’ve ever given or been given?
The best tip “The trick to applying beautiful makeup is to know when to stop applying it. Take your time and notice how each step changes the overall look. Most of the time you’ll discover you don’t need as much and you also may discover a new trend in the process. Think of makeup like your fashion accessories simplicity is key whether you are doing a dramatic eye look or a red lip, keep it simple.

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