Learn How to Apply Graphic Eyeliner

Rachel Adler
Learn How to Apply Graphic Eyeliner
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Eyeliner has always been a makeup staple, but we’ve seen a rampant amount of more graphic liner looks showing up on the runways and red carpets. Since we weren’t sure how to get the look ourselves, we turned to makeup artist Angelique Velez to give us the step-by-step on the look — plus some extra tricks along the way.

Photos: Spencer Wohlrab, Beauty High; Model: Meki, ONE Management

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Step 1: Start by lining your eye with a black shadow to give you something to follow.

Step 2: Then, begin by lining the bottom lashes. Flick upwards from the bottom, and then go back in to make a natural line.

Step 3: On the top lash line, do the flick first, being sure to make it parallel to the line you just made. Follow this line inward (If using eyeliner itself is too hard, try it with a slanted liner brush like you would use for brows).

Step 4: Then, take gel liquid liner to trace what you did.

Step 5: To get the perfect slant on your edges, take a pointed Q-tip and smudge outwards.

Angelique also recommends to play around with your eyeliner lengths (longer line on top and shorter on the bottom, etc.) noting that the key is finding the right slant and line lengths to fit your eye shape and personality. Have fun with it!

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