Learn How To Add Texture To Your Hair

Rachel Adler

When it comes to our hair, the grass always seems greener on the other side. The girls with stick straight hair always want curls, and curly-haired girls always want sleek strands. But, neither side really wants to put in the work to achieve the perfect look, now do we?

David von Cannon, hairstylist for Bryan Bantry, shows us in the video above how to add texture to our hair in just a few steps. Follow his tips above (and below) to amp up your style!

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Step 1: Start with dry or damp clean hair.
Step 2: Add a product (Frederic Fekkai Bouffant Spray Gel) to build texture and blow dry in.
Step 3: Weave large sections of hair in and out of U-shaped bobby pins.
Step 4: Wrap as far as you can, and close the pin around itself.
Step 5: Once all sections are wrapped up in pins, heat each section with a flat iron.
Step 6:
Let each section cool, then remove the pin, and finish with a touch of L’Oreal Elnett hairspray.

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