Learn How to Forecast the Latest Beauty Trends

Rachel Adler
Orange Lips

Orange lips on display at the spring 2014 fashion shows. (From L to R: Rag & Bone, DKNY and Prabal Gurung)

If you’re interested in the beauty world (and we have a hunch that you are, since you’re reading our site right now) you know that trends tend to change season after season, and with them come a slew of new styles to try and more importantly, new products. It’s our job to decipher what is actually going to come walking off the runway and onto the streets – whether that be the disheveled side braid (that turned into a hair staple) or nail art, which may have stuck around for seasons, but is quietly wearing out it’s welcome.

Determining a trend is hard enough (models and celebrities have a way of looking great in everything, but a “real” girl is only willing to pull off so much) but then to really learn from the fashion shows and red carpets, you have to take your trend analysis one step further, and determine which of the trends will make it to market. By this, we mean which ones will be popping up in products and on shelves in drugstores everywhere.

We are teaming up with the online educational site, Skillshare, to bring you the tools you need to learn how to forecast beauty trends – for your own personal beauty closet, your current or future career, or to quiz your friends daily.

Our class will be project-based, teaching you to not only know where to look to determine the current season’s trends, but also how to distinguish what is actually a real trend, and what will have enough staying power to turn into a consumer product. Plus, we’ll challenge you to create your own trend boards for a variety of class projects (and of course offer prizes!) along the way.

You can find more details about the class on the Skillshare Class Page, and if you sign up before the end of the day on 10/10, you’ll receive 20% off with our discount code: HIGH5.

Images via Imaxtree