Leap Year: Pamper Yourself For An Extra 24 Hours

Rachel Adler

With the pressure from work or school, friends, family and everything else that we all have in our day-to-day lives, finding “me” time isn’t always at the top of our lists. But when we do finally get that pampering time, we realize we need to do it more often just to stay sane.

In a recent study, 40 percent of young women said that they would give up coffee, television and wine for a month in exchange for just one additional hour of pampering. Almost half of the women studied (47 percent) said that they don’t pamper themselves enough and 16 percent said they’re lucky if they get to pamper themselves once a year!

Luckily, this year is a Leap Year, and we have an extra day this February. Take that extra day to pamper yourself. We have some tips below to get you started — and you don’t even need to make a spa appointment.

Fix Those Roots

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Sick of stopping by the salon every 6-8 weeks for constant hair color touch ups? At-home hair color just got a lot easier. Clairol Nice n’ Easy Color Blend Foam gives you a no-mess dye with multi-dimensional color options. The new formula is completely revolutionary, but we wouldn’t recommend using this if you’re trying to go from black to blonde — stick to the professionals for those changes, ladies!

Get Salon-Worthy Hair All By Yourself

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As the seasons change, protecting your hair is key. When you are heat styling your hair you should always begin with a conditioning product that has nourishing ingredients but won’t weigh your hair down. Pantene’s Pro-V Aqua Light Conditioning Shake works to protect from heat damage, deep condition and prevent tangles.

Make Your Skin Glow

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One of the biggest qualms for busy girls is letting that sleep deprivation show up in your skin. Being in the beauty business, we’ve learned that it’s never too early to start really caring for your skin (as in, pile on those night creams)! Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir helps to actually speed up the natural exfoliation of your skin leaving your face glowing and smooth.

Breathe In A Fruity Scent For Your Full Escape

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If you’re like us and sometimes really need a splash of cold water to get yourself going in the morning, Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner may be just what you need. With notes of apples, oranges and strawberries this duo immerses your senses in a bundle of fruit — it’s that perfect burst of spring and sunshine you need to force yourself awake in the morning.

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