A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Morning Makeup

Woman applying makeup

JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images

We all have those mornings where we just do not feel like getting up and starting the day, let alone putting on makeup. You can hardly even open your eyes enough to put on the eyeliner, and you’re feeling a little lazy and unmotivated – but you don’t want to completely forgo makeup altogether. In case you’re in that boat today or want to bookmark this page because this sounds all too familiar, here are some minimalistic makeup tips that will maintain your makeup routine without requiring you to go full out at 8 a.m.

BB/CC Cream as Cover-up:
The overall application of cover-up can be the longest part of the makeup routine. From moisturizer, to concealer, to powder foundation, it’s no wonder we want to skip out on our makeup. To sum up this part of process, use a BB or CC Cream. It’ll work as a moisturizer while applying a light layer of coverage. It also adds a healthy glow to give you a nice fresh-faced look.

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Strategic Bronzer
Applying bronzer in key areas can make all the difference in very little time. Just a swift sweep of the bronzer brush over your temples, along the sides of your face and right under the cheekbones is all it takes. This will immediately strengthen your bone structure without the need to completely contour.

Easy smokey eye
On a lazy morning, a smokey eye is exactly the look you would opt out of. With all the different eyeshadow shades and eyeliner tricks, creating this look is too excessive. It doesn’t have to be though. You can create a simple daytime smoky eye by simply applying brown eyeliner pencil on the top and bottom lash line. Then just use a smudging brush to create the hazy/smokey effect.

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Eyelash Curler
Typically a step women tend to skip, curling your eyelashes takes all of a few seconds but makes all the difference. It opens up your eyes without the need to apply anything. All it does is simply enhance what is already there to make you look more awake and ready to start the day.

Bottom Lash Mascara
We love how eyeliner outlines and shapes our eyes. However, it does take a certain technique that we aren’t always up for in the early morning. To get the same eye-shaping effect, apply a quick layer of mascara on the bottom lashes. You already have the mascara brush out for your top lashes, what’s a quick swipe of the bottom ones?

Bold Lip
If you’re going to go bare everywhere else on your face, commit to a bold lip. It’ll act almost as a distraction for the lack of other makeup. A girl with a bright colored lip immediately looks put together and ready to rock her day.