The Lazy Girl's Guide to Working Out With Just 4 Moves

Rachel Krause

The lazy girl’s workout plight is very real. We wouldn’t say that we’re sedentary, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes we just fall out of our routines and have a tough time getting back into them. Whether we’re overwhelmed with work or have chosen to spend a long winter cozying up with Netflix, there are all sorts of reasons as to why we’ve fallen off the workout wagon.

Sometimes, though, all we need is a little bit of encouragement, which is exactly why we turned to fitness trainer Andrea Rogers. As the creator and founder of Xtend Barre, Andrea is just the kind of expert we needed to help us get back in the game. These four simple but effective moves are guaranteed to get your blood pumping… and you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas.

Fitness Trainer: Andrea Rogers 
Video Producer: Melissa Haggerty 
Features Director: Samantha Lim

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