Lazy Day Bobby Pin Hairstyles to Try Now

Emily Rekstis
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Bobby pins in the past have been looked down on as purely utilitarian hair accessories. They were meant to be hidden and disguised by finding the perfect match to your hair color. But, there’s no need to hide those bobby pins anymore. Made fashionable on the Spring 2015 runway at shows such as Zac Posen, bobby pins are going from a hair necessity to a hair accessory.

Instead of using pins similar to your hair color, people are looking to make them stand out with black pins in blonde hair or bright blues on brunettes. It’s so simple and yet a totally stylish pick-me-up for your hair. That’s why we’re paying tribute to some of our favorite bobby pin hairstyles to help you nail this trend.

Side Twist/Braid
If you’re looking to spice up a down ‘do, a quick twist of a front strand or even a small braid is perfect. It takes seconds and keeps hair from falling into your face. The style can be easily secured with one bobby pin or we love criss crossing two of them in the back to add a little dimension to such a quick and easy look.

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Pulled Back Center Poof
Taking the front pieces of hair on both sides of your face and pulling them back into the center looks gorgeous paired with ponytails, buns, or even just with your hair down. When you brush it back, tease it just a bit underneath to add a little extra oomph to the look.

All Hair Pulled Back & Pinned
If you’re feeling carefree and adventurous, just pull all your hair back and start pinning. With no formula or technique, just pin hair where it feels loose. Its fun and wild and also keeps your hair back when you need it. We suggest using larger bobby pins for this to clip back enough hair.

Fun Graphic Designs
You don’t always have to be going for an updo or pulled back look with bobby pins. You can just create fun graphic designs using colorful or even some bright metallic pins. We love Sephora’s Pin-Up Bobby Pins with a little subtle shimmer to them. You can criss cross the pins or fan them out in “V” shapes along the side or even triangles to kind of create your own little hair accessory.