Lawmakers Debate Making FDA Registration Mandatory For Cosmetic Companies

Amanda Elser

There was a bit of a debate this Tuesday between House lawmakers and cosmetics’ industry officials in regards to the regulations in place between the Food and Drug Administration and the cosmetic industry. According to WWD: “An FDA official argued the case for new authority and industry user fees while cosmetics executives defended the industry’s dedication to scientific safety testing and warned against overly burdensome state and federal regulations.”

The hearing was held with the House Committee on Energy and Commerce where they reviewed several proposals that would modernize the way the FDA handled registrations with cosmetic companies it also focused on the need for a national standard for the regulation of cosmetics and ingredients to make it easier for companies to sell their products across state lines.

And while nearly 1,600 domestic and foreign cosmetics companies have voluntarily registered with the FDA and more than 39,000 cosmetics product ingredient statements have been filed, that only covers a fraction of the cosmetics being sold.

Why is this a problem you ask? It’s a mixed bag. “Unlike other products regulated by the FDA, such as drugs and medical devices…most cosmetic product ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval,” said Rep. Joe Pitts, chairman of the subcommittee.

And while this seems like a no brainer, having to jump through hoops for the FDA could pose a problem for an industry that invests more than $3.6 billion each year on scientific research and development. Halyna Breslawec, chief scientist and executive vice president for science for the Personal Care Products Council, said a modernized regulatory structure for the FDA should be “comprehensive and robust, but should not be so overly burdensome that it stifles or prevents companies from delivering innovative products to the marketplace.”

Would you feel better if your cosmetics were all FDA approved? 

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