The Oil Trick That Helps a Jet-Lagged Kat Graham Fall Asleep Faster

Andrea Jordan
The Oil Trick That Helps a Jet-Lagged Kat Graham Fall Asleep Faster
Photo: Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images.

Crafting a proper skin care routine takes dedication and patience. Finding the best product cocktail is work in itself, but committing yourself to consistent use of these skin-loving ingredients takes commitment to a whole other level. To that same point, nighttime routines rarely get the same love and attention as their AM counterparts. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less important, as evidenced by a recent interview with Kat Graham, who reminded us of the lavender oil benefits that make sleeping a lot easier.

In the latest episode of Harper’s Bazaar’s “Go to Bed With Me,” the actress revealed a relatively simple routine, void of excessive steps that often induce anxiety-ridden trips to Sephora (thank goodness!). Instead, there’s just a handful of products for cleansing and hydration. But what really made us run the 5-minute clip back a second time may just be the answer to our 8-hour-snooze prayers.

Right before she hits the sheets, Graham dabs a bit of essential lavender oil right under her nose to help her sleep at night. In short-term studies, lavender has been proven to increase the amount of deep sleep a person has in one night. The scent of lavender is known for its relaxing effects including muscle relaxation and anxiety-reduction, so it’s no surprise the actress finds it helpful when she’s battling jetlag.In the past, we’ve seen celebs including Dakota Johnson credit CBD oil with the same benefits, though we prefer lavender since it’s more affordable.

neutrogena night cleansing wipes stylecaster The Oil Trick That Helps a Jet Lagged Kat Graham Fall Asleep Faster


In addition to the soothing lavender oil to cap things off, Graham starts her routine by using Neutrogena Nigh Calming Cleansing Wipes to remove her base makeup. “People forget that you can wear all the makeup in the world, but if you don’t have good skin underneath it, it’s not going to do what you want it to,” she said.

To take off long-lasting makeup around the sensitive eye area and any base makeup that’s left, Graham uses the Dior Hydra Life Triple Impact Makeup Remover that not only cleanses, but soothes without causing irritation.

caudalie divine oil The Oil Trick That Helps a Jet Lagged Kat Graham Fall Asleep Faster


For moisture, she uses a trio of hydrators including the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Dior Hydra Life Fresh Sorbet Cream and the Caudalie Divine Oil. When visiting big cities, like New York City and Los Angeles, Graham notices that her oil-prone skin gets very dry, so proper hydration is key to keeping her skin healthy while jet-setting.

There we have it, a Hollywood-approved 6-step routine that seems quite attainable. If it means having smooth skin and more sleep like Graham, we’d say it’s worth giving  a shot.