Lauren Conrad Gets an Even Shorter Haircut

Augusta Falletta

For a girl who’s had the same hairstyle for the last few years, Lauren Conrad is certainly changing up her hair game pretty frequently these days. After her much-anticipated wedding to William Tell last month, Conrad returned from her honeymoon and got her first real haircut in years, courtesy of her longtime hairstylist Kristin Ess. Then, just one week later, Conrad shared this Instagram, saying, “@Kristin_ess stole a couple more inches this morning…”

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Shortly after the picture of the chop, Ess shared a picture of Conrad’s new lob haircut, styled with just a bit of a carefree wave. While she’s certainly not the first lady to go for the lob in Hollywood — everyone from Taylor Swift to Emma Stone has gone the way of short hair — Conrad is easily one of the most influential women when it comes to hairstyles, and we’re predicting that girls everywhere will be bringing this picture to their hairstylists.

Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images