Lauren Conrad Dyed Her Hair Purple

Augusta Falletta

Lauren Conrad, the girl who made everyone and their mother love braids and long, ombre blonde hair, has just announced that she dyed her hair purple. While Conrad says it’s semi-permanent color and only plans to keep it about the time it takes to wash out, we’re pretty ecstatic about her decision to try out pastel hair dye.

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Joining the ranks of other celebrities who have recently dyed their hair purple (we’re looking at you Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin), Lauren’s new hair color is sure to send Pinterest into a frenzy. At first, we thought the pastel hue may have been an April Fools’ Day prank, because Conrad recently told Us Magazine, “”I’m not a big fan of purple as a color! It looks great on them but not me.” However, her long-time colorist and co-founder of The Beauty Department, Kristin Ess, posted a picture of purple hair dye to Instagram (below), which makes for a very convincing case that Lauren has, indeed, gone purple.

Either way, tell us what you think: Do you like Lauren Conrad’s purple hair? Sound off in the comments below!