Lauren Conrad and John Frieda Join Forces For Keep Up With Your Blonde Campaign

Augusta Falletta
lauren conrad

John Frieda

If there’s one girl whose hair we wish we could steal, it’d be Lauren Conrad. Between her long, loose curls and her perfectly subtle blonde ombre color, the girl’s hair never looks bad. Now, with her latest announcement, we’re one step closer to her gorgeous blonde locks. John Frieda just announced that they’ll be partnering with Conrad for a new campaign called Keep Up With Your Blonde, aimed to keep blondes looking — and feeling — their best.

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Together, John Frieda and Lauren Conrad will be working to help blondes everywhere keep up their perfect hair color. Besides offering her hair care tips and tricks through guest blogging on, Conrad will also be starring in how-to videos to showcase her go-to summer hairstyles and product recommendations.

“Being a blonde is part of who I am,” Conrad says. “When I’m blonde, I feel most like myself. Every once in a while, like any other girl, I’ll get bored and kind of change it up, and I’ll kind of go darker or tint it or put a fun color in it, but I always return blonde.” Clearly, whatever she’s doing is working, so we’re all ears. Check out the Keep Up With Your Blonde campaign with Conrad over at!