Top 5 Items When Being Stuck In The Moroccan Mountains


Last week I was on a business trip. I went to five countries in six days, one of those countries being Morocco. That’s in Northern African in case you haven’t looked at a map recently. I’ll spare you the details of the trip and just give you the major highlight: I was forced to hike the Moroccan mountains in the rain and mud for 5+ hours.

I’m not averse to physical activity. I do P90X and I can hang at the gym with the best of them. But the wilderness and I don’t really mix. Especially when I am left off the email chain detailing the dress code for a 5+ hour hike (meaning I wore my Longchamp shoulder bag and ankle length Calvin Klein puffy coat instead of an L.L. Bean back pack and hiking boots).

My one on one time with nature got me thinking; what would I require if I were actually stranded in the wilderness? Like what would my five items be? I know this is a cliche question, but being in this situation made it so very real for me .

My five items are:

  • Lip balm. The whipping winds do a number on your face!
  • Leave-in conditioner. I am not blessed with hair that dries into perfect, Giselle like tendrils. I need some sort product.
  • Moroccan Hair Oil. Ironic eh?
  • An SPF stick. Even though it was raining I have a rather healthy glow!
  • Mascara. Ok this is a total wish and completely unnecessary but I’d like to look somewhat glamorous in the mountains! 

Share your items with me!

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