Lasio Studios Salon


Forget about Japanese hair straightening treatments of years past. It’s all about the Brazilian version now, and nobody does it better than Lasio Studios, a tiny boutique in New York’s East Village. I have tried a lot of treatments in different salons, but results were often disappointing. All that changed when I found Lasio Studios.

The Lasio Brazilian hair straightening is a novel process that transforms hair by sealing it in keratin. Unlike other methods that relay on harsh chemicals, the keratin-based formula rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair, locking in moisture, and leaving it frizz-free. The treatment works on all hair types, even with color treated, processed, damaged, or previously relaxed hair. The results last three to four months and gradually wash out without leaving any lines of demarcation.

As pioneers and experts in the Brazilian hair straightening method, Lasio Inc. has perfected a unique line of straightening formulas and hair care products that are sold to salons worldwide. Fortunately, Lasio Studios doesn’t charge fancy salon prices. While many of the big-name salons will charge upwards of $600, at Lasio Studios, treatments run from $150 to $500, including a complimentary trim.

I’ve been to my fair share of New York City’s boutique hair salons, but I’ve often left disappointed by the service, price, and results. This tiny unassuming salon is a refreshing change of pace. From the moment I entered the salon, I knew it was unlike any other I’d been to. My stylist was not juggling multiple clients at once, and no one was rushing around. After my hair was washed and blown dry, the treatment (which looks like hair color) was applied. Next, the hair dried once again from root to tip, and finally the last step is a flat iron sealing in the treatment, which creates a glossy, sleek look. After a complimentary haircut to complete my new do, I was given instructions to wait 24 hours before getting my wet and/or putting it in a ponytail and to avoid hair products containing sodium chloride.

I left the salon happy and relaxed, pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. But the real test was whether the treatment was as good as they claim – and it is! My curly strands ware transformed into straight, shiny, and naturally healthy-looking locks overnight. The treatment also lasted the promised three to four months. It’s important to note that while the Brazilian hair treatment is always applied using the same steps, the quality of the treatment is very much dependent on the salon and stylist. Lasio’s keratin-based formula is regarded as the best of the best — relaxing unruly hair and imparting a brilliant shine while never breaking the hair bonds. The stylists are trained in the process and focus on one client at a time, doing the entire process themselves.

Forget those salons with endless rows of chairs and stylists, and find your way to this tiny salon in the East Village, located amongst vintage stores, clothing boutiques, and small cafes. You could happily spend the day on the block.

Lasio Studios Salon
117 East 7th Street, 212-477-2088