The Underrated Trick Lara Stone Uses to Brighten Her Eyes

The Underrated Trick Lara Stone Uses to Brighten Her Eyes
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Her gap-toothed pout may be iconic, but the beauty routine of Lara Stone is actually the epitome of low-key. The 34-year-old is used to having her face painted and primed for the runway or red carpet, but when she’s off-duty, “natural” is the name of the game. In a recent interview with InStyle, she opened up about her “less is more” approach to makeup, while also admitting that she still finds it “bit strange” to talk about her teeth.

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“I got teased in school, but it clearly didn’t bother me enough to get braces! At work I definitely notice that people are interested in my gap,” she said. “My typical beauty routine includes moisturizing—I like Charlotte Tilbury’s Healthy Glow—putting on mascara, throwing my hair into a bun, and rushing off to do the school run.”

And when she does have to amp up her glow, the best makeup trick she’s heard and still swears by is to “put white liner on the inside of your eyes to brighten them.” This is a smart, but criminally underrated tip that’s been touted by makeup artists for as long as we can remember, but the reminder certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Rocking the bright shade on the lower lash line or inner corners of the eyes–either alone or in combination with another color–also makes the eyes look bigger and distracts from dark circles. If white seems too stark, you can also try something a couple shades darker, like a nude or beige.

In case you missed it, here are other ways to brighten and bring out your eye color with shadows and liners. Thank us later.