Lanvin is on Point


One of my old bosses wisely noted that while everything comes back into fashion, it always comes back a little differently. In her world, this meant that there was no need to hold onto last season’s looks and thus, gave away almost everything in her closet, much to her assistant’s delight. I remembered this style advice while watching pointy heel after pointy heel walk down the Lanvin runway. Remember when the only thing to wear was pointy shoes? Flats, heels, in every color, on every woman- you couldn’t escape them. And then, as is the way with every trend, the runways revolted and there wasn’t a pointy shoe in sight. Until now. They are back my friends. And they are better than ever. Instead of the long, witch-like toe of yesteryear, they are a little shorter, sexily dipping down at the sides. And out of pure kindness, instead of tarty, towering heels, Albert Elbaz kept the heel height perfectly reasonable.