Lanolips: Our New Favorite Lip Product

Libby Cross

We here at Beauty High are always on the lookout for the perfect lip product that combines color with long-lasting moisture and SPF protection, so when we discovered that cult Australian brand Lanolips was catching on in the U.K. and the U.S., we couldn’t have been more excited.

The main ingredient in the range of products, is lanolin, a natural product of the wool industry extracted from a sheep’s fleece after it has been shorn. Without getting too technical, lanolin is one of nature’s super moisturizers and has been used for thousands of years as a remedy to dry and damaged skin as it locks in moisture by retaining over 200% of its weight in water and allows skin to “self-hydrate.” In fact, the moisturizing and healing properties of lanolin are so well documented that medical grade lanolin (the purest form of lanolin found in Lanolips products) is used in medical procedures to assist wound healing. If this still hasn’t convinced you, the molecular structure of lanolin is most similar to the natural oils secreted by our skin, making it the most obvious choice for a product to moisturize our skin.

With such strong scientific evidence in its favor, a line of lip and hand moisturizers was an obvious choice for Lanolips’ founder, Kirsten Carriol, who grew up using lanolin on her grandparents’ sheep farm in South Australia. The result of over six years of research, the award-winning range includes the original multi-purpose 101 Ointment which is made from 100% medical grade lanolin, as well as various products targeted to repair and protect nails, hands, body and lips. Our personal favourite is the Lip Ointment with Color and SPF 15 which comes in a range of shades perfect for everyday, including the perfect natural pink (Rose) and various sheer berry and red hues which are perfect for those who want to ease into a bold lip or who want an alternative to drying lipstick formulas. Besides relieving dry and chapped lips faster than almost anything else we’ve tried (with incredible staying power!), the products range from 60-100% natural which makes them great for sensitive skin, and all are vegetarian-friendly.

You can currently buy the products online from, and with the products becoming more readily available worldwide we encourage you to keep an eye out for them in store in the near future!

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