The Laney Crowell Challenge


It all started Friday night, with a piece of carrot cake. And then the next day there was a bagel and way too many vodkas on the rocks to remember. Which, of course lead to Sunday’s bagel, Thai food, and peanut butter M & Ms. My health food kick had gone to hell in a breadbasket.

Since reading the Skin Deep article in the New York Times, and with my friend Jenna’s encouragement, I’ve decided to do The Master Cleanse. If you remember, it’s the diet that Beyonce did to lose all that weight before Dreamgirls. Consisting of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, you don’t consume anything but for 7 days.

Insane you say? Possibly. (When I told my friend Troy that I was thinking of engaging in this popular form of masochism, he asked verbatim “Why are all girls in New York so incredibly crazy?) The research behind the detox is disputed, and to be honest I’m not quite sure how much I buy in to it. But then again, I’ll do pretty much anything to look like Ms. Knowles (the sarcasm you’re sensing is minor). So wish me, and my Fresh Direct delivery of 40 lemons, two bottles of syrup and cayenne pepper, luck. We’ll need it.