The Genius Blush Trick Lana Condor Learned On the ‘To All The Boys’ Set

Elizabeth Denton
The Genius Blush Trick Lana Condor Learned On the ‘To All The Boys’ Set
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Today I learned that Lana Condor and I have something in common. It may be small but I’m pretty sure we’re BFF now. You see, Condor showed off a makeup hack in a recent Vogue beauty video that solves one of my problems, too. It has to do with blush. Well, the issue is, “my face eats blush.” That’s the actress’s words, not mine, but I totally relate. I can apply layers of blush and it still looks like I have no makeup on when I walk out the door. And yes, I use primer and setting spray! But Condor has a trick that makes her blush stay on and it’s something I’m going to incorporate into my routine, ASAP.

“My face eats blush,” Condor says in the video. “So I go in on the blush. I’m just going to put on more than you think.” The actress dots the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20 at Sephora)—one of my favorites—along her cheeks and a little on the bridge of her nose. Then, she adds 3CE Red Recipe Lip Color in #215 Ruby Tuesday ($18 at Stylenandaon top of the blush.

We can’t recommend this since many lip colors aren’t approved for use on the face but Condor knows what she’s doing and how her skin will react. “This is a lip stain but because I’m nuts, I’m going to put a little of it on my cheeks,” she says. “Let’s hope this works out.” And work out it does. The shades look beautiful together.

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3CE RED RECIPE LIP COLOR 215 RUBY TUESDAY The Genius Blush Trick Lana Condor Learned On the To All The Boys Set

“Also, I learned this trick about blush on ‘To All the Boys‘,” she continues. “There was one day I was very tired. I wasn’t sleeping at all. I was working like 18 hours a day. And I had been crying. I felt great afterward. But then I came out to the makeup artist and was like, ‘hey, sorry!’ Because when I cry, my eyes get super puffy and I look wild. And she said, ‘We’ll just apply a little extra blush to your face and no one will know you were crying.'”

Condor goes on to show the camera that she has multiple tricks up her sleeve. Her face is flushed—it didn’t eat the blush.

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