Lana Condor Just Got Bangs & the Shaggy Cut of Our Dreams

Andrea Jordan
Lana Condor Just Got Bangs & the Shaggy Cut of Our Dreams
Photo: Shutterstock.

We’re just two months into 2019 and there’s been no shortage of celebrity hair changes to absolutely obsess over. We’ve seen everything from pastel hues to choppy bobs, but the most popular look we’ve seen more than once is bangs. The most recent convert? That would be Netflix darling and best-friend-in-our-head Lana Condor.

Whether they’re long, short, side-swept or blunt, there isn’t a bang we don’t love. However, Condor’s might just be our favorite version to date. We first spotted the makeover on her hairstylist’s Instagram, where he showcased her wispy fringe bangs and a choppy layered bob. Since the celeb hairstylist gave major thanks to The Hair Shop Inc for helping this look come to fruition, we assume the look features faux bangs, but it doesn’t make us love it any less.

shutterstock 10100980f 1 Lana Condor Just Got Bangs & the Shaggy Cut of Our Dreams


Since most of us are itching to make the cut, these clip-in bangs are a reminder that rocking a new hairstyle doesn’t necessarily mean we have to make a major commitment. Let’s be real: adulting is challenging enough and we don’t need additional stress thrown into the mix. If you’re looking for an excuse to try a new ‘do, blame it on the bitter cold, excessive snow or your new anything-goes mantra. As for Condor, she sported the new style for Prabal Gurung’s fall/winter 2019 fashion show, where extreme style changes are welcome (and encouraged).

Either way, we’re digging the new look and wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her sporting more fringe in the near future.