Lady Gaga’s “Hair” Released, Gaga Talks Inspiration For It

Rachel Adler

Lady Gaga’s released her latest what’s soon-to-be hit song just minutes ago, Hair, and all of the “Little Monsters” have already created two different trending topics on Twitter gushing over it. The mantra, “As free as my hair” is as catchy as the rest of the Gaga tunes, and she sings to her regular tune being free, standing up for yourself and all of that Gaga goodness (you can listen to the all of the audio above).

What we particularly love, is all of the “hair” talk how catchy is a song that talks about being as free as your hair? She also goes as far to say as “I’ll die living as free as my hair.” Because, lets think about this most of us complain about not being able to tame our hair on any given day, wouldn’t you want to be that free? Gaga also released a video on YouTube to talk to her fans, thanking them for her supporting her and letting her be herself. She then chatted about being “reborn” and revealed the single cover for Hair, although she did say she’s waiting to drop it as a single.

Gaga went on to explain how the song Hair came about, saying her parents used to yell at her and tell her to brush her hair before she left the house, and she couldn’t leave wearing “that” and that it felt like her identity was being stifled. She felt as if her hair was her identity, because she wore a school uniform, which is where a lot of this song came from. She signs off by saying that this is a lot of the reasoning behind her wig changes, and ever-changing costumes. And, that folks, is your daily peek into the world of Gaga!