Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” Shows Major Liner Trend

Rachel Adler

Lady Gaga’s latest video, The Edge of Glory was released last night, and the simplicity of it is kind of amazing. And by kind of, I mean it’s a great breath of fresh air from Gagawe’re able to concentrate on her singing and the lyrics instead of all of the theatrics (although yes, those are always enjoyable too).

131447 1308314054 Lady Gagas The Edge of Glory Shows Major Liner Trend

In The Edge of Glory, Gaga is seen in a black and white bob with red lips. But, the focus of the makeup is on her eyes, with geometric shaped liner drawn around the eyes. What I love so much about this is dark liner has become a runway trend as of latewe have been seeing stray lines traced above the crease of the eye, or double angled lines along the lash lines. So, now that Gaga has taken it to the extreme (not that she’s the first, but she definitely won’t be the last) we’re sure to see more of it.

Also to note, her long, pointed nails were painted black with a deep red color at the cuticle for the half moon manicure effect.

What did you guys think of the video and the look?